The Course

RACE LOCATION: East Glacier Park Village, MT

Course is subject to change, permit pending.

The race will start about 1.25 miles east of Kiowa, MT on highway 89 at a beginning elevation of about 5000 ft. The entire race will be on pavement except for a couple short sections that run on grass. As runners run towards Kiowa, there will be a gradual gain of about 100 vertical ft.

At Kiowa, runners will turn left onto highway 49 at Kiowa. From there the road climbs almost 900 ft for the next 3.5 miles topping out at 5977ft just before mile 5. It’s a big climb, but runners will be rewarded with gorgeous views of Glacier National Park, and the prairies at it’s base as you climb Looking Glass Hill.

From Mile 5-8 runners will lose 900 ft and will enjoy stunning views of Lower Two Medicine Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Just after Mile 8.5, runners will pass 2 Medicine Rd. (NOTE: While we will have local law enforcement on site to help vehicle traffic navigate around runners, there is a chance some runners might face a brief pause to allow for vehicle traffic to enter/exit the Two Medicine area.)

Runners will continue to drop until mile 10.25 where there is another 200 ft climb over the next mile followed by another 150 ft drop to mile 12.

Just before runners get to the business district of East Glacier, runners will run onto the golf course past hole 10 and will exit onto 1st street and run down Clarke and Hotel streets where they will finish the race on the front lawn of the Glacier Park Lodge.

Course Map

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